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Astrology is a philosophy of possibilities and a soft science of personality. The interchange between the energy of the planets, the various constellations, and the moment of your birth can detail your potentials. It is as if the universe as a whole conspired to create you. An interpretation of one’s astrological chart can be a map of personal obstacles that may emerge in your life and can give insights into relationships, family, career, as well as an outline of your positive and negative qualities as an individual. Astrology can help with both the physical and mental maturation process, and ultimately the objective of any study of your astrological chart is to gain wisdom about yourself. Knowledge of oneself is a difficult path, but its results are that it can bring harmony and balance into your life the more you know. To know oneself can improve your objectivity about your life and also can benefit your interactions with others, and so for this an astrology reading can be an excellent diagnostic tool.

The planets and constellations signify raw energy and during the course of our lives we are affected by these energies in various ways depending on our unique natal chart. The transits of planets during the course of our lives trigger lessons to be learned that will help us to move our soul forward, and our human response occurs on three levels: the physical level with all of its indicators, the emotional level which can be seen in emotional traumas or upsets, as well as the theoretical level where we finally receive the opportunity to transcend the lessons with love and patience.

Astrology can offer us knowledge in mapping our path so that we can see it in a clear way and translate those energies into our daily lives in a productively. In the end, astrology is only a description of possibilities, of potential energies in your life, and as always, you must use your own free will to make decisions that will move your spiritual development forward. Remember that there are just as many positive traits as negative, and for each and every individual the main goal is to find a balance between all opposing energies and make peace with yourself. The choice to act or not act is always in your hands.

Individual Readings

Since 2002 I’ve been studying the art of analyzing astrology natal charts and providing dozens of readings for family, friends, and colleagues in the form of detailed written reports. Thanks to a devastating carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis in both hands, I am moving these reports from paper to my voice with 30-minute ($75), 60-minute ($150), or 90-minute ($225) in-depth consultations about your birth chart via phone or video conference. Make sure to have your birth time available so I can create the most accurate astro chart for you. I can also offer progressed chart readings that give an insight into where you are now, which can be another useful tool for self-awareness and decision making. But everything starts with your natal chart, and a basic reading is fundamental to understanding yourself.

These readings also make a thoughtful gift, especially for folks with children who’d like some extra guidance.

Please use the contact form below with any questions or to book a session. I’m looking forward to reading your stars!


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