Do you have a project for which you need funding?

Do you balk at the idea of navigating the world of grants and fellowship proposals?

Do you need help putting together a business proposal?

I will work with you to research, locate and craft grant proposals that will help you move your project forward, whether it be in the field of arts, human rights, development or social services.

I have worked with human rights organizations such as the Buffalo River Dene Nation and will begin work with The Warrior Women Project in 2011 to source various grants available for projects in the field of human rights.

I have also consulted with arts organizations assisting them with basic information about how the grants application process works as well as editing their proposals.

For details on this service, please contact me with your project proposal and we will come up with an action plan together.

Client list:

Buffalo River Dene Nation, NGO
Elspeth Stewart, Nutritionist
Salome Jones, Collaborative Novelist
Molly Radecki, Documentary Filmmaker


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