Do you have your own business and would like to extend its reach via social media?

Are you an entrepreneur, creative or otherwise, looking to expand your online platform?

Have you always wanted to start a blog but been daunted by the prospect?

After successfully leveraging social media to not only self-publish my first novel but to also find an agent and publisher to re-release a new illustrated version, I’ve started helping others get started building their online platforms to further their creative projects.

I can help you navigate the complex world of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites in order to increase your brand’s visibility online as well as help you seek out those who would be interested in your product.

Please use the contact form below to schedule a free consultation via email or Skype.

I’ve helped/am helping:

Business English Academy, Köln
Jon Stonger, Author
Matt Murphy, Puppeteer
Naren Simone, Author
Nick Young, Travel Planner: Paris Perfection
Namrita Chawla, Author
Daniel Wader, Photographer
Kiri Westby, Huffington Post Blogger


Questions? Comments?

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